Stand with Standing Rock: Demonstration in Boulder, Colorado November 15, 2016


Yesterday I went to the Stand With Standing Rock against the Dakota Access Pipeline event in Boulder, which coincided with a hearing in the Boulder County Courthouse on whether to extend the fracking moratorium in the county. (Later in the day, the commissioners voted to extend.) Both events were well attended. The demonstrators focused on the Wells Fargo Bank in Pearl Street Mall, because Wells Fargo is one of the investors backing the pipeline.



President-elect Donald Trump has $500,000 + invested in DAPL A bit of a conflict of interest if he ends up influencing decisions about it — how will that play out?


The world right now has a dream-like quality,


and this blog is going to take some new twists and turns.

I wrote up an introduction to the Standing Rock situation for a discussion group a few months ago. You can see it here: the-dakota-access-pipeline


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