Women’s March in Denver, January 21, 2017

The bus from Longmont to Boulder was about as usual. I talked to a woman who said she wished she could go to the march, because she is depressed about the election. Unfortunately she had to be somewhere else. She said she wished that Obama could have stayed in office. We talked about who might run next time, and I mentioned Elizabeth Warren. She had never heard of Elizabeth Warren, but she looked her up on her smart phone. I said find out about her; it will make you less depressed. She said that she is hoping for a miracle.

The bus from Boulder to Denver, normally half empty on a Saturday morning, was packed with people carrying signs and wearing pink hats. Once it got to Union Station, I might as well have been at the demonstration:


Out on the street, the 16th Street Mall was full of people heading for the official start of the march:img_0662fullsizeoutput_8e0fullsizeoutput_8e6fullsizeoutput_8e8

Until we got to the march itself:

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As I walked back to Union Station, people were still heading to the March, while others filled the restaurants of the 16th Street Mall. I heard an estimate of 200,000 marched in Denver alone.


And so it begins.


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