The end of the world as we know it

I was born in 1947. I have seen a lot of U.S. presidents, good and bad, with many different styles of governing. But I have never seen anything like the last 11 days. It isn’t just me. People throughout the country are in shock. Civil rights, environmental protections, religious freedom, international stability, freedom of speech, public education, health care, social security, all appear to be in jeopardy and the new administration is just getting started.

One thing is clear; neither the country nor the world are going to unite behind Donald J. Trump.

Version 2

In Longmont, a tradition developed during the Iraq War of gathering at the corner of 6th and Main Street every Saturday at 1 pm to express opposition. This tradition has been revived. We have gotten some good news coverage. Our signs have elicited a lot of enthusiastic honks from people driving down Main Street, along with a few disapproving frowns.

Version 3

But it’s going to take a lot more than signs to restore sanity and safety to the planet and its inhabitants.



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