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Shock and Awe and James Comey

It would be interesting to see a study about how much the overall productivity of people in the United States has been disrupted by the general dysfunction of the United States since last November. I am trying to write a … Continue reading

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Earth Flag

Most of the time this earth flag hangs outside my house. But on Saturdays between 1 pm and 2 pm, I take it to the 6th & Main Street vigil, which is now officially named “Longmont Leads with Love.” Today … Continue reading

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The end of the world as we know it

I was born in 1947. I have seen a lot of U.S. presidents, good and bad, with many different styles of governing. But I have never seen anything like the last 11 days. It isn’t just me. People throughout the country are in … Continue reading

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Woof For Equality — Have dog blog will travel

On Saturday, more than two million women and men marched in more than 600 cities around the world. They marched in DC, 500,000, LA, 750,000, NYC and more. Many of the women have never protested before and it was a … Continue reading

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Women’s March in Denver, January 21, 2017

The bus from Longmont to Boulder was about as usual. I talked to a woman who said she wished she could go to the march, because she is depressed about the election. Unfortunately she had to be somewhere else. She … Continue reading

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Denver to Philly: Three Rivers

Taken from the California Zephyr and the Keystone Limited.  

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Longmont CO Historic East Side: tree of birdhouses

The news today has done nothing to ease my fears about life under the incoming administration. I want to write some sort of encouraging words, but all I can come up with are these pictures, taken yesterday morning. I live … Continue reading

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Stand with Standing Rock: Demonstration in Boulder, Colorado November 15, 2016

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Yesterday I went to the Stand With Standing Rock against the Dakota Access Pipeline event in Boulder, which coincided with a hearing in the Boulder County Courthouse on whether to extend the fracking moratorium in the county. (Later in the day, the commissioners … Continue reading

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Highlights 2013 continued: Chicken at Rest Stop on I-76 near Julesburg, CO

This photo was taken in September 2013. When I drove past in April 2014, the chicken was still there, looking a bit scruffier.  

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I have started a couple of more serious blogs about history. And I’m reviving this one from its long sleep of several years. To begin with I will add more highlights from those years.

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