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Women’s March in Denver, January 21, 2017

The bus from Longmont to Boulder was about as usual. I talked to a woman who said she wished she could go to the march, because she is depressed about the election. Unfortunately she had to be somewhere else. She … Continue reading

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The Most Interesting Part of the Bus Ride

The most interesting part of the bus ride is the people. I wish I could post photos of all of them. But it would raise privacy issues. Even describing individual people or recounting conversations feels awkward without talking it over … Continue reading

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Riding Buses as an Art Form

Many people hate riding the bus. Perhaps strangely, I enjoy it. But you have to be prepared. The best approach is to treat it as a form of camping. Wear clothes that are loose and allow you to move freely. … Continue reading

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Back again

I’ve done a lot of traveling since I last wrote, mostly between Longmont, Colorado and Haverford, Pa.  But somehow there have always been reasons not to write.  Things have settled down and I want to get into a blogging groove … Continue reading

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