Highlights 2013 continued: Seagull (wandering hopefully?) above Lake Erie at Barcelona, New York, July 2013

Seagull (wandering hopefully?) above Lake Erie at Barcelona, New York

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Highlights 2013: Cherry Creek Encampment Site



Cherry Creek Encampment site near St. Francis KS.  The sculpture is by Tobe Zweygardt http://www.grassrootsart.net/Art/TobeZweygardt.html .  It commemorates the Cheyenne and Arapahoe people who camped at this location in November 1864 after fleeing from the Sand Creek Massacre  http://www.colorado.edu/csilw/sandcreekltrs.htm .

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Highlights July to November 2012


July 2012: Horses next to rest stop on I-80 in Nebraska.


August 2012: Not a rabbit, but a hare? in Haverford PA


October 2012: Scary spider.


November 2012: Elk in Estes Park CO.

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Highlights: March-June 2012

I’ve neglected this blog for awhile.  So here is a photo for each month since March 2012:


1. March 2012: Somewhere in Missouri or Indiana from the bus.


2. April 2102: Daffodils by Mill Creek, Haverford PA.


3. May 2012: Ruins of old bottling plant on the Horse-Shoe Trail near the Valley Creek in Valley Forge PA.


4. June 2012: Old Economy Village near Pittsburgh PA.

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Versatile Blogger Award Nominations Part One

Versatile Blogger Award Nominations: 2 of 15

Humans for Wolves http://humansforwolves.wordpress.com/  Art and advocacy for canis lupus.

Creamy Bokeh http://joshbergeron.wordpress.com/ A photographer’s view of life.


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Anil cm has completely astonished me by nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  Apparently the rules are:
1. You must thank the person who has given you the award. Done
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog. Done

3. Link the person who has nominated you for the award.
Anil has at least two blogs.  They are fascinating and beautiful:
http://anilcm.wordpress.com/  Anil cm's another Blog
http://exxtracts.wordpress.com/ Nature and Travel Photography

4. State 7 things about yourself.

I’ve been neglecting my blog.
My mood has improved as a result of getting back to it.
I love reading posts and seeing pictures from the other side of the world.
I am amazed to think that people around the world will see these words.
I am a dilettante at heart.
I believe in starting where you are.
I believe in doing the best you can with what you have.

5. Nominate other blogs. I will do this in a separate post.
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Bike Ride to Sandstone Ranch

The season is right for riding the St. Vrain bike path to Sandstone Ranch.  The beautiful views of the mountains, the St. Vrain River, and the sandstone cliffs, are a striking contrast with the storage tanks just off the path and the sign for the Evans 6 well, reminders that drilling for oil and gas is happening on a large scale nearby and even within Boulder County Open Space.  Red Frog Coffee, just off the bike path as you return to town, is a great place for a break and a treat.

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Longmont, Colorado

Travel can be a short or long way from home.  I live in Longmont, a really interesting town,  but under documented, as opposed to, say, Denver or San Francisco.  It used to have a number of industries that are gone now.  The old buildings have a compelling quality.Image

There is a lot of open space in and around Longmont.  Here’s a photo from Sandstone Ranch Open Space

and another from Kensington Park.

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New Page for this Blog

I’ve started adding links on a new page called “Travel Stories, Journals, and Blogs.”  It will expand with time.  Readers are encouraged to submit additions in comments.  For books, it’s nice to have a link to the best way to get them, especially if they are old and available at Gutenberg.org or as Google eBooks.

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The Most Interesting Part of the Bus Ride

The most interesting part of the bus ride is the people. I wish I could post photos of all of them. But it would raise privacy issues. Even describing individual people or recounting conversations feels awkward without talking it over with the person first. And people drop on and off a bus. So for now, I won’t try. But I do note that everyone has been remarkably positive, considering how long we’ve been sitting in close quarters. Even the babies have mostly refrained from crying or yelling.

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